Meet our team

Noelle - Born and raised in Waco, Texas. She is a licensed and trained

cosmetologist who has an associate’s degree in Social Work. In 2002 Noelle made the best decision of her life and married her friend from childhood, Mike Mojica. They have four daughters, Ashlynn 14, Cameron 12, Maylee 9, Mya 5, and pride themselves on making family adventures a priority. Noelle has been a stay at home mom since the birth of their firstborn in 2005. She enjoys spending her time doing all things outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, grilling, paddleboarding, running, backpacking, biking, snowboarding, or taking a Sunday walk with the family, it’s what brings her joy. In 2012, Noelle and her family made the move from Texas to Colorado and have loved all it offers for outdoor enthusiasts. In late 2019, Noelle and her daughters started their own business, WALK, LLC with the goal of creating earth responsible products (using recycled PET) that are great for pets and their people.


Hey there!!! My name is Ashlynn Mojica. I am 14 years old and I'm surviving Middle School. Some of my interests are long-distance running, playing the piano, playing the violin, and singing. I love being in the great outdoors. When I was younger my family and I had a dog, named Snoozer. He was a great dog and I loved running with him. I am so excited to be part of WALK because this company helps you and your dog stay connected, and at the same time, help with the plastic crisis, and I hope that our family can have a dog again that I can run with.


I am Cami Mojica age 12. I’m in middle school and my favorite subject is Social Studies. My dog Snoozer was the best dog. He would sleep in my room every night, but he passed away a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting a dog for a while. My parents said that I had to make enough money to afford a dog. I love dogs because it’s so fun to go to the trail and take your dog on a walk! A fun fact about me is I did gymnastics for about seven years. I recently ran my first half marathon in September in California. I’m also the clumsy one! 


I’m Maylee Mojica. I’m a gymnast and my favorite event is the vault. I also love to draw. I am nine years old and in third grade. For fun, I like to jump on the trampoline. I love dogs. I’m learning Chinese and hope someday to visit China. My name actually means “ beautiful” in Chinese. I have three sisters, one of them is 14, another one is 12, and the youngest is 5. My dream job is to join the Army, like my grandpa. I’m super excited to be part of WALK!