Exciting New Adventures

We are becoming a foster family!  What a super exciting day for us. After talking it over with our daughters we’ve decided to open our home to become a foster family for GSP (German Short Haired Pointers). We are pretty excited. On more than one occasion I have found my girls opening up my phone to the photos and looking for this adorable little female GSP.  We chose a GSP because we are a high energy kind of family it would only seem right if our pup was that way too. Heaven help me! 

My girls and I have been working hard on our business. Just a week ago I did my first press interview. I was so nervous! My sweet supportive husband coached me and also my girls. They threw some tough questions at me in preparation, so when it came to the interview I felt pretty ready. I learned a lot from that experience:

1. I beat myself up way too much. I think I was expecting the words just to flow freely and they just didn’t seem to come. I am definitely not a natural in an interview but with practice, it felt like I was able to find my rhythm.

2. If we never step out of our comfort zone we won’t grow. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this lesson but it is so true. Have you ever experienced this? It’s so inspiring looking back at what we are able to accomplish when we set our minds to it. 

Wish us luck with this new doggy! I really can’t wait for spring break so the girls and I can have lots of focus on WALK. 

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