How WALK got started!

 All of my kids (4 daughters) were born with Snoozer in their life. 

He loved them unconditionally. Sometimes they would try to ride him, and those soft ears were impossible not to pull when you're a toddler. He was always happy and always loved us. Snoozer brought out the best in us. He was continually excited about a walk and an outdoor adventure. Snoozer was our constant link to the great outdoors. 

In 2018, we lost our sweet pup, Snoozer, to old age and a broken body. My girls had never known our home and life without our dog. He gave us the love we needed when we most needed it. He had a gift to photobomb most pictures and would even join us for our nightly prayer circle. He was part of us.

Ever since that very sad day in January, our home has felt an emptiness. Our daughters dearly miss their 4-legged friend, who was like a big brother to them and even smelt a bit like a teenage brother at times. They have begged and pleaded for a new pup. However, this dream is momentarily out of reach.  

October 2017 my sweetheart and the breadwinner of our home took a leap of faith and quit his day job as a mechanical engineer and became a full-time self-employed entrepreneur, running a small business: Outdoor Element. Our family knew that building a business would take time and a lot of resources to grow. We knew sacrifices were required and family synergy was a must to grow this business. Outdoor Element is growing and it's amazing to see all the support however, we are still supplementing with our savings as we continue to grow the business.  With a limited income, buying or adopting a dog at this time would add stress to the budget. That is when the wheels in the Mojica Machine began to turn and our family came up with a great solution to our dilemma. 

I decided to empower my daughters...I put them to work! My 3 eldest girls (ages 14, 12, and 8) helped with market research, create logos, and product ideas. We then registered in the state of Colorado and formally started our business, WALK, LLC. We want to reconnect with the great outdoors with a new best friend. We are recreating that link - our leash. 

Two things that inspire us: the beauty of the outdoors and the love for dogs. That’s how WALK was born. What’s the one phrase that makes every dog happy…"Let’s go for a walk", "wanna walk?" Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything but simply grab the leash and your pup knows what’s going to happen. Pure joy and excitement. 

You become an instant hero.  

Let’s be honest….there are a lot of options out there for a leash and through research and prototyping, we have developed a fantastic product. We discovered some deficiencies in current options and discovered opportunities for improving both the outdoors and our leash.  According to Trevor Nace, a geologist -Ph.D. from Duke University, “...globally humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute [and] second, 91% of all plastic is not recycled” (Forbes).  

Most plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.) and take about 400 years to decompose. On the positive side, they're highly recyclable! We saw this as an opportunity to educate, help our pets, and help our planet. Our leash webbing is made from recycled plastic bottles. As we shift our buying habits, we make a positive change in our world. Never underestimate the impact of small change. Rethink your walk; WALK with us. 

We are starting a Kickstarter crowdfunding to bring this product to life. Please subscribe to our newsletter so you can be alerted when the campaign goes live! 


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